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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Radiant Symphony of Limestone Cave of Andaman

Filled with geographical relief like Stalagmites, stalactites and pillar rocks the limestone caves of Baratang of Andaman
is one of the prime destinations where tourist can look to escape gentle moment. 

What’s more interesting is, site of the caves remains usually unexplored and its virgin, unpopulated splendour has made this place one of the prime location within the ambiance of Baratang. The prehistoric site of the caves is located about 50 minutes from Baratang jetty and a journey here which would transverse through the thick plantation of mangrove speaks it all for you.

What best you can do is try to trek the site which would be an exclusive experience and over the period of time many travellers have hike the road that leads to the site of Limestone caves.

The natural process which led to erosion comes handy while structuring the site like Limestone cave and one must understand the process of fragmentation is gradual and it takes a years and years of continuous pressure.   

Within the shore of the caves the structure and posture of limestone you will witness are really going to bemuse you because within the floor of the caves you will witness the figures of unusual character and at colossal ceilings you will withstand the grandeur of mesmerizing splendour.

Things to Do
Well if you are within the shore of Baratang, make sure you have many adventure perks waiting for you but what best you can look to do is boating, ferry ride and trekking. But the best we recommend you is boating. Imagine riding down the glides of mangrove where at one hand you have glory of nature and at one the process of nature.
Nearby Attraction
Since the site of Limestone caves is the main attraction of the Baratang but if you wish to explore more regarding its terrestrial beauty than walk down the side of Mud Volcano which is another splendid place around the site of Baratang, Parrot island, Baludera Beach, Lalaji Bay Beach, Merk Bay Beach, Guitar Island and Spike Island are some of the place where you can enjoy the moment of life.

Traveller must understand there is very limited stay option within the site of Baratang and if you here for a short day trip then you might wish to travel back to your home city. But if you are planning to stay here then you have one hotel that surrounds the site of Baratang and that is Dew Dale resort. 

Things to Note
To reach Limestone cave one would require walking through the bends of Baratang and you must remember that the site is dominated by tribal people so while you stop there to enjoy the brilliance of nature try to avoid mingling with tribes.

How to Reach
The nearest airport is Port Blair airport which is located at a distance of 100 km from here.
Tourist can look to ride with jetty from Nilambur or can even look to take ferries to reach Baratang.

Baratang Island can be reached by taking a bus from the STS Bus Terminal.


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