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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Nesting Process at Andaman Island

Beautiful island of Andaman is not only a share of humans but a beautiful turtles
have also shared the land, as thousands of them who comes here during the nesting period which happens especially between the months of December and January spreads their breeds to be the successor of them.

When it comes to the perfect spot for nesting these turtles have primarily choose Kalipur beach, Diglipur, Ram Nagar beach and Karmatang beach to be their nesting spot beside that turtle nesting also takes place at several beaches within the proximity of Andaman.

The beaches here which served as a nesting ground for turtles boast nesting of other four types of sea turtle which are Leatherback turtle, Olive Ridley, Green Turtles and Hawks Bill and what’s more amazing to know is this beach is the only place in the world where all these species comes at one roof to lay their eggs.

When it comes to the nesting period it usually goes on during the time of winter and to be specific it would be during the month of December and January. Once these turtles lay their eggs than forest department comes to share the hand to safeguard the eggs, as one of the officials carries all these eggs are bury them under the ground so that it could remain warm and protected.

Now once these eggs are hatched which generally takes 45 days, duty officer collects them all and leaves them within an estuary of sea and that time the picture you will see of these baby turtles would mesmerize your mind.

Turtle Nesting In Andaman

During my venture I took a share privilege to see all these procedure and I was lucky enough to gather some information related with nesting and hatching. I had brilliant time watching them as they were lying in a basket and after some time they discharged in an open ocean to start their life. What’s more amazing to note is that the baby turtle were so smart they just took a minute to learn to swim and minutes later they were actually floating above the surface of water. One must understand that they are real quick within the surface as they just took some gentle moment to swim across.

Although there were also a set of tortoise who were finding hard to walk even at plain surface and they were moving awkwardly and aimlessly but somehow they managed to touch the surface of water which was quiet a relieving moment for me.

What’s more amazing thing the guard told us related with this small creature the minute they were laid out of basket none of them moved towards the sea as they were waiting their conservator to guard them and we could actually see how sensible they are.

From this entire natural incident what I learnt is Mother Nature has room for everyone and he accepts everyone who comes at her door and respects her existence and carried forward the task to conserve her.


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