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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Call of Sea Walk at the Shore Of Andaman and Nicobar Island

Whenever we get to hear any activities related with sea all we wonder how beautiful it’s
going to be and more of it when it comes to sea walk
we start to imagine how amazing that moment would be when you will feel the gentle waves floating over you and you are there loving each and every second that tickles around your head.

Through this article today I will be sharing my experience when I went one on one against the crest of sea. It was in 2006 when I got an opportunity to fly to Mauritius. Although it was fortnight plan and during that course I took an initiative to explore the gems of Mauritius and went looping around the tranquillity of beach for majestic sea walk.

Excited, went on running towards ticket counter to experience the roar of the sea but unfortunately it was closed down for the day. Refused and disappointed I travelled back to home but that’s was not the end. The moment I travelled down to Andaman and Nicobar Islands and trust me the experience I had while doing sea walk was just leisure and mesmerizing.

Well if you wish to feel the same then I must recommend you to contact with Sealink Adventures to take a joy ride of sea walk who organizes the same at North Bay Island, which is adjacent to Port Blair. Before that let me remind you North Bay Island is amongst the uninhabited islands of Andaman and Nicobar.

What’s more amazing is side of Sea walk is very well connected and the walk here is very well located and calls for comfort. Beside that one do not have to fear regarding the ear pressure, sea current and other apparatus of sea moment and another exquisite thing is while you take a walk you can breathe easily, you are not compel to wear those heavy helmet as per the chords of Archimedes principle.

While you walk down the sea you can actually see everything around you since you will be labelled with transparent helmet with oxygen which is kept in the pontoon so come here and enjoy the life in your way.

Once you have your booking the organiser will take you on their boat where they have installed a small changing room and you can wear any type of sea clothes but make sure to wear the comfortable one to take a walk.

The journey starts with the ferry from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex which will go all the way to North Bay Island and once you end up here they will escort you to the Pontoon and from here the ride begins. First you will be asked to get down with the help of rope with your helmet on and you don’t have to worry regarding anything because guards will be there to help you but just make sure you are aware regarding swimming skills.

Once you land inside the surface of water all you are going to witness is different types of corals and fish which would be magical and breathe taking.

The moment I went inside I was like out of the world. I still remember how blissful it was as the beauty of corals and fish were floating like an eternal gem. Since I had a guard with me so he gave me all the information that I was looking forward to know regarding the corals and the fish and you would be addressed with the same.

Don’t forget to ask a pack of fish food and as soon as you will open the packet all the fish inside the shore would circle you around and they would start nibbling the food from your hand which would be an amazing experience.

Make sure to click photographs inside the gulf of water as the guard will click all the moment for you but for that you would require to pay Rs 500 extra and while you walk down to pontoon you will be handed over with CD which would contain all your clicks.

During the time of season the whole process might ask you to be patient because the long line you are going to witness reflects the anxious mind of people so prepare your plan as per your convenience.

For sea walk you would require to pay Rs 3500 and for photography you would have to add 500 extra in running budget.

How to reach: catch a ferry from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex at Port Blair and soon as you reach here make sure to have your ticket from ticket counter which is at the complex. Remember boat leaves at 9.30 from North Bay so make sure you have your bookings by the end of 9 AM.


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