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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Chivalry and Chicory of Andaman and Nicobar

Perched within the beautiful boundaries of nature where one would live his whole life in resting
within the shores of beach, Andaman is a new perk of life where miracles do happen.

So this time around when you picture your mind within the gulf of Andaman make sure to rob every wonders and treasure that island have in their shores and to do the same here are the list of secrets.

1. Sea Walking

Sea walking which was recently initiated at North Bengal Bay which is just 30 minutes ride away from port Blair, here one can leisurely walk within the arms of sea and for that you are not require to know swimming. Here one can enjoy boat ride, Jet Ski, glass bottom boat ride and obviously sea walking to witness the crest of corals and other fascinating objects.

Call Know Andaman’s at 91-9999999662 for booking a slot for sea walking.

2. Scuba Diving

Underwater corals and fish

Prior to the present initiation scuba diving was only available at Havelock Island but with an intervention of Dive India who introduced their service embrace and extended the course and as a result Andaman has become a hub of scuba divers. There are numbers of expert divers who will guide and trained you take under water dive so that you can reveal a charisma of corals and reefs.

3. Visit Limestone Caves, Diglipur and Baratang Caves

Mere visit here and your thoughts regarding the survey of Discovery and Nat Geo would change; Alfred caves a chain of cave within the fold of one. Located at a trekking distance which is about 40 minutes away from Ram Nagar, lush environment of forest and terrestrial beauty would provoke your mind to excel more.

The caves here are famous for Swift let nests beside that an array of caves within the vicinity of Alfred are something tentative and typical. Limestone cave of Baratang which can be accessible by boat ride is something more alluring about the caves. While you take a boat ride make sure to enjoy the flourish beauty of Mangrove plantation which would add more delight to your venture.

4. Mud Volcanoes, Diglipur

Discovering wilderness and existence of live and active mud volcano is certainly a thing you would like to experience in your vacation so if you planning to witness the same then make sure to visit Mud volcano of Diglipur.

Another important thing to understand is when it comes to an existence of an active volcano then your address to live the moment would be Andaman and Nicobar. Series of small volcanoes which have been continuously erupting from the gulf of Mud relates the natural phenomenon.

5. Island Hopping

Capturing a rainbow from Stewart Island

No visit can be considered complete without visiting the site of hopping island. Once you reach port Blair one can adjourn channels of islands and can take ferry ride from one to another which would be quiet experimental. With its smart ferry connection with nearby islands like Ross Island, North Bay Island, Viper Island, Jolly Buoy Island, Havelock Island and Neil Island the whole journey summons within the crest of grandeur.

6. Visit Isolated, Un-Inhabited Islands

Come here to witness the solemn sedation of unoccupied islands. Although many have never visited the site and that has made the island virgin and unspoiled make sure to check out some of them which are Guitar Island, Stewart Island, Long Island Jolly Buoy, Ross and Ross and Smith Islands.

The above mentioned islands offers mystique site of nature where you can presume and actually relive the purity of isolation.

7. Sea Food

For sea food one would definitely pitch the site of Andaman and Nicobar come here to enjoy fish curry. Foodie or food maniac can definitely come here to check delicious sea foods around the corner of Andaman.

8. Visit Cellular Jail and Ross Island

Cellular Jail at Port Blair and Ross Island are definitely the most vibrant place where one would lure in without thinking of anything. Both these places are chronological and best for sightseeing. The light and sound show of the jail is a must see.

9. Watching Sunrise, Sunset and Moonrise

Sunset at Radhanagar beach is something one would never want to miss even at dreams. Within the gulf of Andaman and Nicobar where a possibility comes knocking the door of traveller how they would even think of missing the view of sunset, sun rise and moonrise.

10. Experience Different Modes of Transport in Andamans

Seaplane taking off in Andamans which is altogether a different thing and what’s more amazing is there are also other modes of transportation and amongst them sea plane is only to be found in Andaman. Make sure to take a ride of Makkruzz, local carrier Dunghi and other such forms of boats.

11. Visit Must-Visit Beaches and Islands

Guitar Island near Long Island is a must visit make sure you take leisure walk here as the silent waves looks to wet your thoughts and imagination. So come here and take an initiative as the journey of life ends at the door of nature so why not take a course today to enjoy the splendor of nature.


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