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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Because The Land Of Andaman Is Also a Share of Turtles

Island territory of India which is renowned by the name of Andaman and Nicobar is not just a home of Island
but within the shores of this magical island you will witness thousand of turtles coming home to nest their breeds.

Nesting process generally happens during the month of December and January calls for an embodiment of natural phenomenon which in turn would grace Andaman and Nicobar Island with another generation of turtles.

The place where they would sit and nest their breeds is Kalipur beach, Diglipur, Ramanagar Beach, Karmatang beach at Mayabunder and at several beaches of Andaman they will carry up this process till they call off the season.

Especially Kalipur beach where large number of nesting process takes place are termed with the nick name of turtle nesting grounds. It is important to note that this beach is the only place where four types of sea turtles boast their Nest and those species are Leatherback turtle, Olive Ridley, Green Turtles and Hawksbill.

Once the turtle will lay their eggs forest officials will carry them and would bury them within the safe ground so that it remains warm and protected. After the duration 45 days which is duration for fertilization process the new baby turtle would break the walls of egg and duty official would leave this baby turtle into the shore.

Soon as you will leave them in the field within quick minutes they will learn to swim and will carry forward the course of their life.

Human Intervention

While some people are playing role to save the life of this mini creatures while other are constructing the sight which in turn has led to the damage of the nest and so far human behaviour is the greatest threat to this creature.

Immediate threat to this tiny creatures are unaware sand mining which is need to be stop in order to protect this creatures of animals who in turn would embrace this land with their presence. The positive measures are required to stop this unconscious manner.

Responsible tourism also plays major part in saving the breeds as the waste product like plastic materials which in turn are mouthed by turtle’s results in chocking. So we have to be really concern regarding our steps.

Beside that wild dog poses a great threat to this nesting process. As per the analysis Andaman and Nicobar Islands Environmental Team almost 70% of eggs become prey of these wild dogs.

Positive Measures

Seeing the consequences one has to stop the mining of soil and especially in the region where mother turtle would leave their eggs. In this regard we must look to thank the initiative of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Environmental for coming forward to save these natural habitats.

However one has to remember it is only a task of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Environmental but rather it has become a concern for all to save and protect this beautiful creatures of mother nature and our small contribution could really turn the pulverize down.


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