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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Mesmerizing Islands of Andaman

Andaman Islands are one of the finest tourist destinations in the world.
Earlier it was not so popular among the tourists, but in recent times the place has become one of most favored tourist destination. With its breathtaking flora and fauna and yet unexplored destinations, it is one of the top preferences of the domestic as well as the international tourists. The state tourism of the islands have made a gallant effort to make this place into a popular destination, as though the islands are filled with attractions and scenic landscapes, there was not much of the modern infrastructure to provide a comfortable stay to the visitors.

The chief attraction of this place are the islands like Jolly Buoy, Havelock, Viper Island, Ross, Barren and few others. These islands are bestowed with charming features like primitive dungeons, an active volcano, a medieval saw mill, colorful corals and many more.

The island also holds some of the finest beaches that are comparatively much less crowded than the other popular beaches of India. These beaches are the perfect option for the tourists who want to spend some time in the much serene and calmer surroundings. The beaches of Andaman offer romantic views of both sunset and sunrise. One can also enjoy a quite stroll along the banks of the beach while holding the hands of your beloved or rather alone, all the while enjoying the watching the lovely view of fishing boats returning with their days catch against the rays of the setting sun. Like any other beaches in the world, one can also leisurely lie on the warm sands of the Andaman beaches, spending time doing nothing or reading a good book of your favorite author. Get lost in the imagination of the story, while no one to disturb your concentration. Some of the famous beaches of the islands are Ramnagar, Radhanagar, Karmatang, Harminder Bay etc.

The islands are also very much popular among the tourists as a picnic spot.

The islands of Andaman are also known for their variety of adventurous water activities. Some of them are-

Snorkeling: It is one of the popular activities of the Andaman Islands. With this activity, one can enjoy the rich aquatic life and observe the diverse as well as unique varieties of corals. Through snorkeling water activity, one can take a close look of the different species of marine life.

Scuba Diving: It is another major activity of the islands of Andaman. Waters of these islands holds a huge variety of marine life which is pretty much a treat for the professional scuba divers. Havelock Island holds numerous spots that support scuba diving. Yet, there are much more places to explore in this region. There are also some spots which suits the beginners in this sport. Scuba diving also offers opportunity to the divers to observe the rich and exotic marine life of the Andaman waters.

For the tourists visiting this beautiful cluster of islands staying is not a major problem, as there are excellent qualities of luxurious and budget hotels and cottages dotted around these islands. Also that, there are numerous Government lodges and resorts, which are provide fine options for staying at these islands.


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