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Monday, 16 December 2013

Tranquil and serene beauty of Samudrika Marine Museum

Run by an Indian naval force, the museum of Samudrika Marine Museum, Port Blair is a beauty of state. Presenting and preserving a rich history of Andaman’s and its marine life this Museum has a collection of beauty.

Treasured with precious marine life which includes various species of fishes, shells, wide collections of corals and various vicinity of Flora and Fauna has really made this place a magnificent place to advent.
Colourful and wide ranges of fishes that live beneath the marine folds are just exquisite, corals here are of rare kind and they have preserved it where the importance has been given to a brilliant collection of Fish culture.
Providing geographical information and archaeological evidence one has to pay a visit here to this pristine beauty to understand a beauty of collection they have within.
Sectioned into five figures Andaman Islands, Geographical information, people of Andaman, Archaeology and finally the Marine life museum is just a dream beauty of Port Blair, Delanipur in Andaman.
Lived by tribal communities this place is a calm and serene where huge aquarium holds the beauty of fish fauna. Blue whale skeleton which is laid in an open space is just a beauty of collection and rare in existence.
Marine Aquarium room where you have a brilliant chance to see a variety of fishes which you must have imagine and seen in discovery channels all would be revealed within a beauty of an aquarium just make sure you do not use a flash within the room.
Drive to a road of Port Blair and guide your way down to a beauty of Samudrika Marine Museum since transportation lines are well connected you can get a train from across the state and even if you wish to fly to a friendly skies that can be also considered, come here with your family because this place worth your visit.
Get information regarding fishery as the information centre would help you to understand fishy culture so your journey would not only be left with a beauty of their Gulls but at the same time it looks to aware a people regarding a significance of bio diversity.
Oceanic environment, colourful fishes and many other things to see around and at the same time you can check out nearby places to engulf your mind as the tranquil and marine beauty administered by naval forces of India has surfaced such a sublime environment you would surely feel a magic of soothing beauty.
Make sure you pay a visit here as the place is rich in culture and the museum itself looks to define the beauty of their rich history be here as the packages related with the same would offer you a brilliant time.

So this year vacation allow Andaman and the beauty Samudrika Marine Museum to serve you as it has all the ambiance and amenities inside to blow your mind away and at the same time be a part of an informative session.


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