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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mount Harriet in Port Blair and Its Other Attractions

Mount Harriet is the highest point in south Andaman region. The point is on a hillock which offers a picturesque view of the neighboring islands and is also an ideal spot to enjoy the romantic view of sunrise.
Mount Harriet is one of the top tourist places in Port Blair. This striking tourist attraction is situated on the other side of the Ross Island, placed at a height of around 1,200 feet above sea level. During the time of British rule, Mount Harriet used to be the headquarters of the chief commissioner.

It is without doubt one of the most fascinating destinations in Port Blair. Mount Harriet is blessed with matchless natural charisma and scenic views of the surrounding areas. Every year, thousands of tourists come to this place to witness its natural magnificence. Visitors can also spot different species of birds and other wild animals wandering in the wilds of the hill. The place also holds a wide range of fauna. You can also enjoy the beauty of Mount Harriet during the night time by staying in the guest house of this place. Tourists from across the globe come to this place at different seasons of the year, to witness the never ending natural beauty of the place.
Other Attractions of Port Blair
Apart from Mount Harriet, Port Blair has many other interesting tourist attractions. Some of them are mentioned below-
Cellular Jail
Cellular jail in Port Blair, is an ideal place to witness the tortures suffered and the sacrifices that the freedom fighters made during the fight for independence. The jail was completed in 1906 and the name ‘Cellular’ was given to it because the entire jail was made up of individual cells for the solitary imprisonment of the freedom fighters. The jail now stands as the pilgrimage centre for the patriots of the country and the place has been declared as a National Memorial.
Ross Island
The island is controlled by the Indian navy; hence, every visitor needs to sign in before entering the island. Ross Island was developed into a prospering town during the British rule. Due to this reason, you will find several significant ruins signifying the enhancement of this island during that period.
Gandhi Park
The Dilthaman tank, which was the only source of drinking water to the region of Port Blair during the early period, has been now transformed as Gandhi Park. The park is a beautiful place to visit and it also holds a touch of historical significance with the Japanese temple and bunker. Other attractions of Gandhi Park are the children’s park, rich collection of coral reefs, amusement park, rich flora, water sports and many more.
Samudrika Museum
It is a marine museum, which is owned and administered by the Indian Navy. The museum offers an excellent insight on the various topics, such as the history, geography, natives, aquatic life and archaeology of these islands. It also houses a remarkable display of coral and shells.
There is much to discover and explore in Port Blair as the place holds several other interesting tourist attractions and in order to visit these places, you got to plan a trip to this place.
Mount Harriet is at a distance of about 55 km by road from Port Blair and 15 km by ferry.


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