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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Beautiful wild pigs of Andaman

Wild pig or wild Boar of Andaman’s are an ancestor of wild domestic dogs, very big in size this boars are a subspecies and has a huge number
of species throughout the world. Being part of a part of the biological family Suidae this pigs are renowned for its humongous size and are an arch pray of tigers.

 Some of the most common names used to define this pig in various parts of the world are wild hogs or simply boars, in U.S they are also known by the name of Razor backs of European boars. Their availability can be trace in various parts of the world and seeing their popularity they have been fused artificially in various parts of the world.
They often seen walking and grazing in groups and being tigers sweetest and easiest Hunt, you can trace out tiger wherever they are seen grazing or loitering in search of foods.
They are omnivorous, scavengers and eat almost everything they see, they are a sustainable mammals and males are often seen solitary during a season of breeding. They are nocturnal and their groups name sounders are often dominated by females.
With the growing hunting’s their numbers are reasonably going down and no such effort have been made o stop such dread lock.
Wild boras loves hunting dears and other small animals and they have found killing tigers while defending their life. Such a power they generate while defending a tons of strength to pull back an attack of tiger often leaves tigers breathing no life.
Grey and dark in colour it is said that their origination began at a beauty of North America and later speeded across the world but hunting by the humans and their wild escape in Jungles have almost left them extinct which was again discover in 20th century in Asiatic region.
As it takes approximately 115 days to give a birth to new piglets who joins a group in later days, nutrition are very important for this little piglets and during a session of breeding male and women both rest whole time and transform them into solitary in nature.
Male are very powerful but it has been seen women leading their group as male are very lazy and they spend time sleeping and resting almost whole day and night.
Being scavengers they digest every sort of foods including grass, reptiles, nuts, berries, carrion, roots, tubers, refuse, but their favourite pray are lambs and dears.
So while you pay a visit here at Andaman make sure to see a beauty of their breeds as they are common in Andaman and very famous because of their species make sure you take a chance to catch a glimpse of these wild pigs of Andaman.
Beside that here you have a brilliant chance to see a beauty of other animals like Andaman pigeon and at the same natural beauty are sure to be found here so drive your way here because you would find a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of these wild pigs of Andaman.


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