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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Maldives more than just an experience

Aquamarine environment so symbolic and identical of an island nation
so perfect you could almost reach and touch it a beauty has an expression so if you looking for an expression all answer are folded inside the arm of Maldives.
Journey of seaplane if are not aware about it then you must try your ride on it because experimenting with beauty where a sea change its color is totally likes a color which speaks about the wonders of Maldives.
Island nation in the Indian Ocean has a lot of exquisite beauty to prove that Maldives is just heaven participation come and explore because grass is always greener on the other side.
Engulf the moment it’s a home away from home over the head a clear blue sky with a mild weather adds passion to your joy palm tree symbolize its existence and beauty.

 With a total island of 1190this nation smiles as blue as it looks   rest your head find a place at beach and encounter the nature with no schedule of time.
History of Maldives is a consequence of myth and cosmic like opium but the beauty is not opium for a people you can just take a deep sea dive and curl your mood as the sea creatures are so close and you can capture at every passing by it just an amazing thing one would dream to see.
Excursion could be very ideal plan to explore Maldives like there inhabitant do walk way and explore side of an island of multi color Maldives, water spot as a recreational sport could well attract your mind.
Secluded with a beauty where you could spend your honeymoon and enjoy with your special one and travel around the beauty of Maldives. So ideal for honeymoon peoples comes in number to enjoy the melting beauty.
Spa could be exotic if you are tired and want you to get some relaxation then try a spa and massage and don’t forget a seaplane which offers you a broad beauty of Maldives is just an experience of a lifetime.
Attraction of Maldives is remarkable a places where you could go and get pleasure are so many but the Grand Friday Mosque is more than just a spiritual place notable for its construction and capacity it’s an amazing secrets which beholds the devotion and magnificent gulfing a heritage and culture Grand Friday Mosque is a major attraction.
Internal works at mosque like carvings and its structure has set an example; amongst the most holy places within Maldives the Friday Mosque carry different value and esthetics.
The Presidents palace could be a next place of your interest an official residence of regal of Maldives one would never love to miss this palace from his list of visit.
Male’s National Museum house of an art crafts and artifacts has compelling antiques of the royal likes and their customs diminutive of hand written Koran and leftover of lord Buddha adds an air of spirituality.
Republic Square dedicated for the martyrs of Maldives this place is tribute to patriots and pride of Maldives and another feature and a place of interest is a fish market I am sure you would not miss out to enjoy the beauty at its best.


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