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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Honeymoon in Andaman – Wonderful and Lifetime Experience

About Andaman-The place is established in Bay of Bengal
and between the Indian peninsula from the west to the Burma from the north and east. The Andaman is basically is a very big island that is North Andaman, Little Andaman and Middle Andaman island. This place is filled with coco plants and vegetation.

Beauty of Andaman-This consign is having more than 46 tourists places. It is having a Corby’s cove which is a fascinating beach having coconut trees giving it an amalgamation of nature and aqua beauty. Marina Park and Aquarium is a location used by the local people and tourists to splurge their priceless era enjoying the scenery beauty covered with green vegetations, crystal clear water coastline and the blue white sky. Another interesting place Limestone caves it is having interesting shapes and figures on them and people to enjoy more can take boat outing to this incredible place as it is inside the dark mangrove forests it is dark inside the cave so it is must to carry torch light inside. Along all these places Andaman is also known for scuba diving, parasailing or snorkeling. It is eminent for towering current dampens activities.

Restaurant and hotels in Andaman-One of the best luxury hotel to stay in is The Westin Langkawi resort and spa consisting of all the western facilities, cyclic restaurants and also having the private bench front along the beach side especially for couples. Another luxury hotel Danna Langkwai resort it is awesome resort situated in along the beachside adding the sizzling and romantic view of sunset and sunrise from your window and having an exceptionally incredible pool. The standard hotels are also available hotel Sabra is also considered a good for budget cognizant people it provides all the facilities in wallet friendly rates. This place is having tranquil adjoining and soothes the soul and refresh up our nerve. This place is best for couples to enjoy and unwind. Blue sea hotel also belongs to the standard and deluxe hotels having air conditioned and spacious rooms located in the center of the city and provide the quick access to the beaches and airport. The rates of this hotel are reliable and affordable and provided with 24 hours room service and proper hospitality and consist of modern facilities in room. It is having 24 rooms with 3 floors. Rooms are available in all the sizes.

Transport facilities-Reaching to Andaman different company offers every type of packages to the people who want to travel and explore this fascinating place. There almost six sailings of boat to Port Blair the capital of Andaman to month if you want a ship or boat travel it take almost 56 hours from Kolkata and 60 hours from Chennai. The air travel is also good and affordable if you want to reach fast there are 2 flights daily available from the major cities from Chennai and Kolkata from Indian airlines to jet airways and from Delhi daily flight is also offered.


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