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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Exotic Tourist Spaces in Andaman

Situated at an altitude of 732 meters above the sea level, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
is a union territory of India and is a great place of tourist interest. The limitless beauty and charm of Andaman Island captivate thousands of tourists throughout the weekend. It is a cluster of 550 islands among which 26 islands are inhabited by humans. Located in the Bay of Bengal it is an ideal destination for holidaying. According to the myths, it is said that the origin of this Island name is derived from Hanuman “the monkey disciple of Lord Rama, the epic hero of Ramayana”. The sea coasts along with the giant coconut palm trees and spectacular views of sea waves are eye catching. Andaman is well known among the visitors for its pristine beaches CLICK HERE FOR MORE… Below given are few of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Andaman Islands.

Barren Island 
Barren Island situated at an elevation of 300 meters above the sea level is the only active volcano in whole South Asia. It is located at a distance of about 120 kilometers away from the Capital, Port Bliar. This Island is uninhabited by humans so visitors are not allowed to land on this island. The most popular attraction of this island is the deep void land, the face of active volcano. Tourists can enjoy the distant views of this active volcano island as well as wild goats living their life by drinking the salt water. A voyage towards this island will be a unique adventurous experience.

Cellular jail 
Cellular Jail also called as “Kala Paani” addressed in Aberdeen close to Port Bliar is a great place of tourist interest. This Jail plays a vital role in Island tourism. It was constructed in the year 1906 by Britishers and the main objective of this prison was to imprison the India freedom fighters. Later, in the year 1947 after India independence cellular jail was declared as the national memorial by India government. It has now become a must visit place in Andaman which exhibits antique galleries and museums. The most interesting attractions are the evening shows with sound and light.

Havelock Island 
Havelock Island is considered to be the largest island in Andaman having a total area of 113, 93 square kilometers. Located at a distance of 54 kilometers away from Port Bliar it is easily accessible by motor vehicles. The major attractions of this island are dolphin dives, flying fish, Radhanagar beach, Elephant beach and small hamlets around. Tourist visiting to this island not only explores the attractions but also gets an opportunity to experience various water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking, fishing simply swimming and mangrove safari etc.

Ross Island 
Located at a distance of 2 kilometers east of Port Bliar, Ross Island is considered to be the most familiar island and a great place to be in your Andaman tour. It is named so after the late Reginald Ross, the British Surveyor. It was once the administrative headquarters of British Colonial rules. The main attractions of this Island are the churches, Samritika Marine Museum, exotic wildlife and immense beauty of nature.

Baratang Island 
Baratang Island is at a distance of about 90 kilometers away from Port Bliar. Some of the must visit place in here are like the active mud volcano, rich marine life, lush green tropical forests, unparallel nature, Limestone carvings, Baludera beach, Roglachang beach, exotic wildlife and many more. It is a kind of place where you accept the unexpected. Make sure you do visit Baratang Island during your Andaman tour. The unlimited fun and frolic of beach activities and water adventure sports awaits you.

Parrot Island 
Another most interesting place to visit in Andaman is parrot Island. It is a heaven for nature explorers and bird lovers. It is situated close to Baratang Island and the mostly seen bird species in here is the Parrots so, called as Parrot Island. If you are keen interested in watching a group of parrot at a time then visit Parrot Island and enjoy the glimpse of thousands of parrots heading back to home during sunset. Apart from this visitors can also experience the fantastic view of the sunset in evening time.


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